Be Merry

The High Tasting Room

The High Tasting Room is an elegant setting with a French salon vibe. It's best enjoyed when you're in a lively, walking on air, to the nines sort of mood.

It is adorned with intersecting cathedral ceilings and five crystal chandeliers. Busts of famous writers, powerful gods, and wise philosophers keep watch from the mantel. 

While the tasting room can accommodate over seventy-five people, it is not without its intimate spaces. A sofa and armchairs are placed around the fireplace; a balcony overlooks the vineyard, and a third-story turret is perfect for small gatherings.

The Low Tasting Room

The Low Tasting Room is a rustic setting with hints of an industrial vibe. It's best enjoyed when you're in a relaxed, easy does it, devil may care sort of mood.

It is adorned with barn siding form a local barn, steel pipe lights, and a marquee sign that boldly sets the tone. A stag's head keeps watch from the barn beam mantel.

The low down fun starts at the tasting bar. Meet our friendly staff and sample our approachable wine. If you have a hankering for a wine flight, we'll be sure to use our lunchbox trays.