About Us

Matt & Kate - profile picWhenever we tell someone we're opening a winery, the inevitable response is, You really must love wine. Of course we do! We love the enjoyment of wine from the aerating swirl, the aromatic introduction, all the way through to the gratifying finish. We love wines from Ohio, the Midwest, the West Coast, and beyond. We love pairing and sharing wine with great food and even better friends. But it's much more than that.

We love the outdoors. Getting dirt in our hands and fresh air in our lungs. And so we wanted to create an outdoor space that brings you as close to the vines as possible.

We love all of life's possibilities. Not being typecast or pigeonholed. And so we wanted to create an indoor space for when you're in a high to-the-nines mood, or when you're in a low devil-may-care mood. 

And what better way to enjoy it all than with a glass of wine that's anything but middling? - Matt & Kate