Our Origins

Our origins begin with our founders who, once upon a time, were known to frequent every area restaurant, tavern, bistro, pub, bar, brewery, winery, honky-tonk, hole-in-the wall. The decision on where to go on a particular occasion invariably was decided by the answer to the question: What mood are you in? A to-the-nines mood took them to an establishment with a swank vibe. A devil-may-care mood took them to an establishment with a laidback vibe. If only there was one place that embraced all moods….

Our Purpose

High & Low – It’s not about class; it’s about sass. It’s your mood, your attitude. Upscale, down-home. High flier, low rider. Walking on air, salt of the earth. Shout it from the mountaintop, keep it on the down low. High jump, how low can you go?

The answer is all of the above, all in one, all together. Proudly contradicted, never conflicted, we have all of your moods covered. So drink up, get down, just never be middling. Here’s to the high and low in all of us.

Our Wines

Our wines can best be described as the proud product of journeys through local and distant lands. Sometimes, it’s a short jaunt to our backyard. Other times, we traipse farther afield. Above all, we’re guided by a passion to seek out the best quality fruit. No matter where the grapes were born, the wines were proudly raised here in Ohio.

Our Ambiance